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Welcome to HomeBody!

Come inside, feel at home. Enjoy our welcoming ambiance and friendly staff. We strive to bring you top quality products to use in your day to day life.

All of the products sold at HomeBody are hand-crafted with love and are organic, natural and sustainable items that are luxurious and delightful, to pamper yourself or a loved one. A casual stroll around our store will bring home the non-intrusive scents, creative designs and hours of work that go in to products that are available for purchase. You can see the love and care that goes in to every item.

Our vendors are handpicked for their creativity and their exclusive products that are made in small batches at a time to ensure quality. Some of these products include lotions, soaps, bath bombs and more. We pride ourselves on the fact that the products on our shelves are made from the finest natural ingredients available and embody the feeling of luxuriousness while remaining in tune with nature.

We pride ourselves on our service and knowledgeable, friendly staff that are always on hand to assist you and advise on products to meet your requirements. We offer body pampering and home spa items such as all natural soaps, lotions, scrubs, tub teas, body butters and lip balm to make you feel great. Relax after a long day with some of our wonderful products to help you feel refreshed again.

Enjoy an allover tingle with a sugar scrub or hop in to a bath with one of our scented bath bombs. You can enjoy extra soft and moisturized skin with the “Lotion in a bar” range and save time and effort with our Shampoo bars and Conditioner bars that are long lasting and travel well. Another special sustainable product that we have stock is the Skinny Coconut Oil product line which includes items such as Body Melts and lip balms, which are chemical free and contain less than 5 ingredients. After a nice bath or shower to unwind, you can slip in to bed under our luxury sheets for a good night rest.

Browse the essential oils that we have available to be used in diffusers, homemade scents, aromatherapy and more. There are sure to be a few scents that make your senses tingle in a good way. We also have accessories such as body brushes, soap dishes and salt lamps on offer. Glance through the books we have on the shelves for something of interest especially if you are a hobbyist or just love natural products. We also ensure that we carry products for men as well so everyone in the family can benefit from our wonderful, natural products.

Some of the wonderful brands we stock include Nature's Home Spa by Anna, Bushel & Peck and Tamarind Face Paste. The Goat Barn brings us a wide variety of products containing goats' milk such as body butters, soaps, lotions, chap-sticks and more, in a wide variety of scents as well as fragrance free for those who prefer products without a particular additional smell. Look out for other products on the shelves by Savanna Bee and Primal Elements and don't forget Fish in a Bag which is a favorite with our younger generation shoppers.

At HomeBody we bring you products as close to nature as possible which pamper the body and soul and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Shop for your favorite scents and for products that make you feel good inside and out. HomeBody products make great gifts and we can help you pick out something for a special person in your life or even put together a gift basket for someone you feel needs pampering. Don't forget that you need to take care of you as well, so pick up some items for a luxurious home spa day to help you rejuvenate and relax from the stresses and strains of everyday life. We are looking forward to assisting you!