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Colors and smells that are good for you

Certain colors and scents can promote various feelings and emotions within us. There are colors you can choose to make you feel a certain way or use on your walls to create a specific ambiance in a room. We look at some individual colors and scents that bring out a variety of different effects on most people.

The color red brings with it a certain energy and makes you feel motivated and confident. Red is the color of courage, focus and will power and is a great color to help combat shyness, negativity and depression. Red is also associated with romance and socializing and especially prominent during the festive season. Red is not the best color if you feel irritable or angry though as it has been known to raise your blood pressure.

Orange is a good color to combat depression, stress, trauma, grief and negativity as it helps revitalize the mind while also stimulating the body. Orange builds up inner strength, self-esteem and optimism while also engaging your inner muse to improve creativity and self-expression. Orange is a happy color and opens you up to different perspectives and new ideas. Orange is a get up and go color and not the best for winding down and relaxing.

Yellow is the perfect pick-me-up color which is also mentally stimulating and helps reduce negativity and depression. Yellow uplifts you and improves self-confidence, contentment, self-respect and self-control. Yellow helps you rationalize and work through issues better as well as reduces fatigue. Yellow is for waking and moving and increases energy. A good choice for liveliness and joy but not the best color if you suffer from insomnia, sleeplessness or hyperactivity.

Green is a very harmonious color and helps reduce confusion and anxiety. Green brings balance and helps with personal development, reduces self-pity and stress and helps you accept yourself and others. Green is also a symbol for prosperity and is known to help clear your mind and improve your composure.

Shades of blue can bring on a variety of different feelings. Turquoise is great to relieve feelings of stress and anger and help you feel calm and cleansed. Turquoise also helps you feel like sharing both physically and emotionally with others. Warmer blues help you feel peaceful and calm and encourage honesty and an improvement in creativity and intuition. Blue reduces blood pressure and helps you feel more serene. Pale blues can be a bit chilly feeling though, so it’s always a good idea to blend pastel blues with deeper blues for a more rounded feeling. Indigo and very deep blues are associated with wisdom, calm, understanding, peace and inspiration as well as reducing anxiety and helping you sleep better.

Purples and Violets are glorious, dramatic colors associated with imagination, self-respect, a sense of belonging and empathy for others. Purple has a luxurious and romantic feel and also helps relieve depression.

Pink is another calming color that improves insomnia and reduces anxiety and aggression. Pink is a nurturing, kind color which brings on feelings of compassion and affection. Pink promotes feelings of love, kindness, gentleness and playfulness.

White is a cool, hygienic color which gives a feeling of openness, purity and cleanliness. White brings on feelings of innocence, protectiveness and goodness. White is quite balanced between calm and energy creation and is a happy color overall.

When it comes to smells, human beings are a lot more complex as smells are often associated with various events in a person's life, which can then trigger different emotions. We are just going to look at some of the basic feel-good scents that are generally associated with good feelings for most people.

Pine is a festive, natural scent which helps to reduce stress and anxiety while lemon and other citrus type scents make you feel energetic, alert and generally more pleasant. Coconut is also a happy and relaxing scent bringing on feelings of warmth and joy. Lavender and jasmine are great scents for stress relief and to reduce depression and insomnia. Rosemary is a brain booster both if you eat it or if you just enjoy the scent, it also helps you feel more awake!Peppermint is a stimulating scent which also improves athletic performance and helps you breathe better.Cinnamon is another great scent to reduce physical and mental fatigue and help you focus and concentrate better.

And there you have it, both scents and colors can have an effect on how you feel. Choose scents and colors according to how you want to feel or the ambiance you want to create in a room. Colors and scents can enhance certain feelings as well as affect us physically and mentally so it is good to take them in to account when choosing those we surround ourselves with.